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Pushing a fake Free Energy machine thus in effect delays the time until a real new power source might actually emerge, and also brings the whole field into disrepute where people get used to each new announcement being just another scam.The main thing with any invention is to show undeniably that it works.Ken Rasmussen Sterling abruptly gets a power of attorney assigned the same time his wife divorces him, then he publishes an admission of some vague moral crime, expecting to go to jail and lose everything.They just deaden the whole new energy scene, because no-one doing new products wants to put up with the torrent of abuse they spew out.Good luck getting that spooky agency to talk about anything publicly.His wife, Carolina De Roos was also sentenced by the same court that sat in the Belgian city of Kortrijk, according to news sources out of Belgium yesterday, August 9, 2017.Keshe Plasma Generator "With our new understanding of the creation of Gravity and Magnetic fields, we are able to replicate the type of self nourishing systems that.Documentary Film News;. and the local industry and future investors are curious in seeing just what kind of potential awaits when you factor in that the film’s.If I post a link to my site, I am now obligated to pick up the tab the next time I have lunch with Mark D.

Of course people are entitled to believe what they want to and to donate their money as they wish.

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When I opened it, it was all high end math way over my head, so I closed it never to look again.If you think that wishing hard enough will enable you to beat gravity, then jumping off a high building would be a way to test it (though maybe jumping from 20ft onto a big mattress might be a bit safer).Your paranoia about Keshe supporters sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.The court declared forfeit more than 15,000 euros: money that was connected to illegal practices.Ken Rasmussen Only since you now challenge my own integrity do I make one more response today.

Explore SolStar's board "Keshe plasma technology" on. Subscribe and get Galactic News Daily Updates: Mr Keshe shows the final prototype of the Keshe. (LOC) Find.Keshe are mai multe workshopuri-video gratuite pentru crearea reactoarelor http. Inscrierile si cursul vor avea loc in fiecare zi de. (Natural News) Vets around.

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Posts about Keshe Foundation Energy technology written by saymber.Write your congressmen and local leaders demanding action if any of this news is important to you and your family. M T Keshe The Director of the Keshe Foundation.Their plasma technology will revolutionize our way of living if it turns out to be the real thing.

It does not appear that Ghana has seen the last of Keshe yet.News. Local News; City. Scarves n’ Stuff, Essential oils, Rada, Jewelry in Candles, Garlic Farms, Keshe Pain Pad. Canada 150 event set for July 22.At least one Canadian is among hundreds of people with suspected involvement in an international pedophile ring that allegedly live-streamed child sexual abuse from.Watch, like and share science & technology events on Livestream. Live stream video and connect your event to audiences on the web and mobile devices using Livestream.The Golden Age of GANS has 18,059 members. The concept of removing so-called greenhouse gases from the earth atmosphere is but one aspect of this.It needs to be repeatable, measurable and without attached stories or embellishment. i value your opinion and ist good to get a different perspective.

The Iranian man and founder of the organization known as the Keshe. Keshe was in Ghana to hold a press conference where according to some local news.

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A later video showed them in series producing huge arcs of power.Con men everywhere would have us believe the wheel itself could have been a suppressed technology if they had invented it.On the website Pure Energy System News,. local police in Belgium tried to run Keshe and his wife off the road. while firing their service weapons at him like.

Together we can leave a legacy to our children that we can be proud of.Local sheriff department was so fast to response he is one in a. It took me since October when I first discovered Keshe foundation. Healing News here!.FYI, Keshe can show a stack of DHL shipping receipts for numerous items that were shipped, but oddly fell off the back of the DHL truck on the way. Mr. Keshe and his wife were poisoned late last year.My use of the word pathetic was his abuse of the word repentance.There are more intricacies of the process described in the paper on which I will not dwell here.

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BREAKING NEWS! HERO KESHE DEBUNKED AGAIN! Keshe's nanocoating is NO nanocoating! Thousands of KF followers have been fooled for months and months! Most of.And both of those inventors had created a hot plasma, NOT room temperature as Keshe deals with.

I said several times I AM NOT A KESHE FOLLOWER, FAN, GROUPIE or whatever other sarcastic term you choose to use.Are you promoting claims by providing links to them without testing them personally.There is a slim chance that he will deliver a fake product for a while, that will not survive any serious measurement.In the case of a Free Energy machine, it should power itself and a load.This is well outside the range of normal measuring kit and even MRI scanners are only in the 2T or so range, so the measurement itself is suspect especially with digital kit and a high-EMI environment.Asked about the future of the 20 graduates working with the Keshe Foundation, he suggested that they should be advised to leave the Foundation.News News. Local News. Submit a News Tip. Local entrepreneurs will have another opportunity to ask questions about the recent changes to the.Because the more the sentence, the bigger it is, the more I can push everything into the hands of the higher level courts and then we take it to the UN.

However, I am certain that Keshe will not agree (or he will agree, but not deliver).QuestionEverything I am one of the most active Keshe critics since many years.

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I also use a real name here not a stage name like you hide behind.Luckily very few have supported the campaign despite efforts to publicizes it.

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