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Donald Trump doesn’t know how the Internet works. are you open to closing parts of the Internet? TRUMP:. Close. Now Playing.Donald Trump has committed to his plan to ban the internet,. Donald Trump will ban the internet and. like Bill Gates to help him close down the internet.Trump is forcing an internet provider to turn over the personal details of 1.3 million people who visited an anti-Trump website! From anywhere in the world!.

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Many of the international war experts said the US could not target family members, it would be considered a war crime.Donald Trump wants to shut down the Internet in certain areas in an effort to stop terrorism.Donald Trump came up with a new idea to stop ISIS militants during his speech in South Carolina last night: shut down parts of the Internet.Donald Trump told CNN debate moderator Wolf Blitzer that Isis should be stopped from using parts of the internet.

CLOSE UP THE INTERNET: Donald Trump wants to shut down parts of the web.During Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate, frontrunner Donald Trump doubled down on his call for “closing off parts of the Internet.".Twitter users were quick to notice that Ivanka Trump changed her bio — and they. a controversy on the Internet. weekend comes to a close,.Trump poised to sign away privacy protections for internet users. Close; This article is 10. President Donald Trump was expected to sign legislation on.Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said he is in favor of “closing parts of the Internet” as a way to deal with America’s enemies. Subscribe to TDC for full coverage of the.In a joint briefing with President Trump after a one-on-one meeting and delegation-level talks at the White. Eliminating Terrorism Top-Most Priority,. Close [X.Trump has suggested he would talk to people like. Donald Trump tries to clarify "closing" the Internet. "Trump says we ought to close that Internet thing.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump just said the US should consider "closing up" the internet to curb radical extremism. Trump, a man that.It is not clear what Donald Trump actually meant on Monday when he conjured up the idea of getting Bill Gates to help “close up” the Internet. Mr.Donald Trump has a plan to close "areas" of the internet to fight ISIS. It involves Bill Gates.So you actually inadvertently proved EXACTLY why we support Trump, and why he will win, so keep it up.Mortgage Payoff Trick Eliminates Up to 15 Years of Payments Reverse mortgages: Worth the risk.Kim Kardashian broke the Internet. Donald Trump wants to close it. MORE: Days after shooting up the New York Times, Erick Erickson blasts Gawker Murdoch supporting.A decision on whether to further investigate Hillary Clinton will indicate whether Donald Trump intends. Close Door on Campaign Pledge to ‘Lock.Trump spoke at an Iowa rally Wednesday,. Donald Trump pledges new law that has already existed for 20 years.

Donald Trump made some confusing remarks about an internet shut down or ban, but he appeared to be describing a counterterror plan.Donald Trump: 'We must close areas of internet because 'Isis are better at it than we are'. It isn't clear what areas of the internet Trump suggests be shut down,.Trump on Syrian refugees: 'Lock your doors, folks'. Meet the man behind those ‘bitcoin genius’ ads all over the internet. Not even close.

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I barely notice that he uses the same phrases over and over, but of course I am only on the other end of the idiot spectrum.Donald Trump will crack down on internet pornography if elected president, vowing to appoint a commission to examine its “harmful public health.Quote of the Day: Trump Now Wants To "Close Up" the Internet, Because Why Should North Korea Have All the Fun?.

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Trump blames the Internet for terrorism deaths and discusses plans to talk to Bill Gates and others to 'close up' the Internet in some areas.

Donald Trump Wants To Enlist Bill Gates To ‘Close Up The

I originally thought he was running to gin up support for his next scripted reality show.

Donald Trump wants Bill Gates and "other people" to "close up the Internet" to stop DAESH/ ISIS. We can't make this stuff up, folks.Donald Trump wants to close up the Internet. The Republican presidential candidate mocked anyone who would take issue with his plan. From Our VICE Partners.Where in the article does he say he wants to shut down the internet.Donald Trump reiterated in the fifth Republican debate on Tuesday night that he would be open to "closing parts of the Internet" Donald Trump Wants to Close Off Parts.Trump says “closing that Internet” is a. Technology executives don't seem eager to help Trump figure out how to "close that Internet," but Amazon founder and.Internet Trump: Internet control belongs to US. it could give countries like Russia and China power over the internet. Trump echoed that. Close.

Close parts of the Internet where ISIS is. Fortune, "Donald Trump Wants Bill Gates To 'Close That Internet Up,'' Dec. 8, 2017. The Independent, "Facebook,.Trump's FCC announces plans to kill net neutrality. Internet service providers. ACCEPT & CLOSE. Newsletters.

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